Hardware – Vector

CANTY Vector Control Modules (VCM’s) act as the brain of a camera system. Each VCM purchased comes loaded with CANTYVISION™ software used for both viewing and analysis on an embedded platform that is dedicated to that software. VCM’s can be ordered equipped to output data from the analysis performed via analog (4-20mA), Modbus TCP/IP, or OPC. Depending on model and application, VCM’s can support up to 6 CANTY cameras, allowing for analysis from multiple cameras to be performed in real time on one VCM. VCM’s have watchdog settings to protect and troubleshoot against any unforeseen issues and come with a built-in remote support tool to connect with CANTY Tech Support (network connection required for remote support). In the event of a power failure, VCM’s can be set up to automatically reboot as soon as power is resupplied and restart analysis without the need of a person to come back and start things up again. All VCM’s are shipped to require little to no work out-of-the-box to begin analysis on your process.

Product Description

● Supports up to 6 Cameras (Application Dependent)
● High Speed Analysis
● Easy to install and use
● Fanless or rack mount options
● Windows 10 Embedded
● CANTYVISION™ software installed


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