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John M. Canty, the company founder, worked on a decompression chamber rated to one mile of ocean depth (2000 psi). The decompression chamber still holds the world record for pressure rating to this day. It is used to simulate conditions for divers for offshore and military purposes.


Superconducting Magnets

Early work in 1969 on the dewars for Superconducting Magnets for the Bullet trains. This magnetically levitates trains allowing then to travel at the Bullet train speeds with no friction (A green project). The project engineer (during the Vietnam war-make love not war was the protest theme) had a sign on his desk "MAG LEV not War". The Bullet Train


Fiber Optic Lighting

Canty developed and patented fiber optic lighting for decompression chambers and altitude chambers. The lighting is used on altitude chambers for space (full vacuum) and rated for pressure differentials up to 6000 psi.


Hyperbaric Chambers

Development of the rolling door closure for hyperbaric chambers, in conjunction with Richard Morin, for use on Project Themis which was later commercialized for diving systems.


Altitude Chambers

Consulting work on altitude chambers and centrifuge chambers for Project Themis.

Superconducting magnet work for Ferranti-Packard. This worked involved using superconducting magnets as airplane jet engines.

Project Themis (US NAVY-University of Buffalo ) and DCIEM (Canadian Armed Forces - Downsview, Ontario)

Submarine Escape Training Hatch 1981. Bid awarded from the US Navy over Electric Boat . Canty designed, fabricated and delivered the system on Christmas Eve for air lift by the United States Air force to The United States Naval Base in San Diego.

Fusion Reactor Support Structure for Oakridge Tennessee 1980

F16 and F24 (joint attack )Fighter jet project. In line camera monitoring of Bubble in fuel lines under high G to ensure cavitations free flow. Link to General Dynamics website.