CANTY particle sizing analyzers have been engineered to offer the user a means by which a liquid is analyzed while under varying pressures, temperatures and flow rates. It offers sample or continuous, microscopic, non-destructive viewing and provides particle size analysis with two dimensional results when used in conjunction with the CantyVisionClient™ Software. The vision system, with integral lighting, features precision optics designed to enhance the image prior to display or analysis. The analyzer utilizes a high resolution / high speed CCD/CMOS image sensor coupled to a microscopic lens system. The system offers zoom and focus ability, variable lighting, and multiple objective lens packages to cover a range of sizes. CANTY particle sizing systems feature a FUSEVIEW glass window that acts as a product contact barrier. Our unique fused glass windows far exceed all other glass windows in safety and performance allowing for high pressure ratings.

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Product Description

  • Particle Size, Shape and Distribution with Real Time Analysis
  • Fused Glass Pressure Barrier Standard
  • Ethernet color high resolution CCD/CMOS camera includes imaging software.

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