GO GREEN – Flame Monitoring

High temperature Cameras for flame monitoring to detect smoking or off burring flames in furnaces, kilns and incinerators. Canty High Temperature Cameras

GO GREEN – High Temperature Cameras

High temperature cameras to optimize processing of glass…reduce waste(energy dramatically ) by reducing the scrap from 10% to 2% on float glass (window glass) 7% overall energy savings for the plant.  Molten level control of glass to .001 accuracy assuring the minimum specification is met.  This created a reduction in overage of the thickness of

GO GREEN – Oil in Water Monitoring

Oil in Water monitoring for the oil industry to make sure their discharges are within drinking water limits and giving them the particle size knowledge to maintain and improve the process to achieve this goal. In-Flow – Oil in Water Monitor

GO GREEN – Fuseview™

Fuseview™ replacement on Vacuum pans in sugar Mills and Evaporators in Dairy ,food ,pulp and Chemical Plants allow for a lower vacuum and lower boiling point. Canty Sanitary Fuseview™