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Single Use

Single Use Applicatons

  • Level Monitoring
  • Foam Control
  • Turbidity
  • Particle Size Analysis


CANTY imaging systems have been involved in the control to improve yield of fermentation for several years. Measurement of cell size, concentration and viability in real time in batch and perfusion type fermentation is critical to the process yield. The measurement of foam allows operators independent control of anti-foam additions. The measurement of cell size, count, viability and concentration in the lab or at-line is accomplished by our imaging based system which can distinguish a cell form a gas bubbles and other trace particles.

Liquid Analysis / Turbidity / CIP

Liquid  analysis using a high resolution CCD/CMOS image sensor that detects turbidity changes in fluids by measuring the transmittance of light. Using advanced software algorithms the system automatically removes gas bubbles from the analysis resulting in highly accurate and repeatable data outputs. This system is designed for inline use with varying pressures, temperatures, and pipe diameters.

Sub-Visible Particles


• Particle size / shape / count

• In-line and lab options

• Visual Verification

Chromatography Beads


• Bead size

• Visual Verification

• Differentiate between particles and gas

WFI – Water For Injection


• In-line real time concentration analysis

• Differentiate between particles & gas

• Visual Verification



• 2D particle size, shape and distribution
• Small sample size analysis down to 5mL
• Syringe pump for easy sample circulation