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Chemical Liquid Analysis

The liquid slurry to be analysed passes through the analyzer flow cell, which incorporates a microscopic camera, and high intensity back lighting system.  High resolution 2D images are captured and sent to CantyVision™ software for real-time analysis. Each particle is measured under a range of size and shape parameters including major axis, minor axis, area, perimeter, aspect ratio circularity and equivalent circular diameter, to provide a truly comprehensive particle characterization. The imaging principle allows for visual verification of any results, and aids the user in developing a greater understanding of their process or product.

Solid Particle Size / Defect Detection

Within the measurement zone, the particles pass between a high intensity LED light source and camera, which captures high resolution images 2D images. These images are then binarised, and by analyzing the number and position of the image pixels, a full particle SIZE and SHAPE distribution.

Meets ASTM Standards • Polymer Beads / Pellets • Chemical Powders • Particle Size from 10µm to no upper limit*