Mud Flow Analysis

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• Replace Mud Flappers / Paddles

• Visual Verification

• No Maintenance

DRILLING MUD – Ultra Low Flow from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

DRILLIMNG MUD – Water Based Mud from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

DRILLING MUD – Oil Based Mud from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

DRILLING MUD – Water from JM CANTY on Vimeo.


The CANTY Mud Flow Camera System is set up to view the mud going down the pipe after it rises from the drill pipe. The rugged industrial turn key system mounts to the top of the pipe and allows for non contact measurement of flow and level of the mud. The combination of a CANTY Fiber Optic Light with the digital Ethernet camera allows for optimal view into this dirty dark environment for visual verification of the flow and quality. CANTYVISIONCLIENT™ Software is used to analyze the level and the measurement results can be outputted through 4-20mA or OPC to the control system. This system is a replacement for the Mud Flow Flapper/Paddle style units.

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