CANTYVISION™ Software is included with the purchase of any CANTY Ethernet Camera. CANTYVISION™ Software is used for both viewing and analysis. The Level/Intensity/Color (LIC) module comes standard with all Ethernet cameras and can be used for various analysis. Real time monitoring and analysis can be done using the software. Video recording allows for video records and analysis at a later time. The software outputs the data in various formats. The customer can select the unit of measure the data outputs-in, as well as the type of file the data outputs to. CANTYVISION™ Software can output results to a database, OPC, 4-20mA or even a specific file location. More than one camera can be connected to a single computer. The software can analyze on multiple applications at once. The software is easy to use and has a built in help menu for easy access. Software is preset with ideal settings needs. Settings can easily be adjusted to accommodate customers.

Product Description

• OPC, 4-20mA, or Excel outputs

• Easy to Use

• Windows PC Based

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