High Temperature Cameras


  • Flame Control
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Furnace Monitoring

Product Description

Designed for the extreme 3000ºF [1650ºC] max. temperature requirements of glass furnaces, the ExtremeTemp™ Glass Furnace Camera combines the a CANTY UltraTemp™ Camera with an Inconel sleeved high temperature refractory jacket. The assembly is inserted thru an opening in the fire brick, providing a remote view into the furnace.

  • 3000ºF [1650ºC] max. rating – extreme temp furnace lens
  • High quality quartz optics • Auto electronic iris
  • Disposable, protective quartz shield
  • Non-blooming CCD or Ethernet cameras
  • Cooling air required

Product Inquiry

If you need help selecting the correct camera for your application, please fill out the questionnaire and send it to for CANTY to assist in helping select the correct equipment for you application.

1) Application Questionnaire High Temperature Camera

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