The CANTY Inflow™ is a vision-based camera system used with the CANTY Vector System image processor for oil in water concentration and size measurement in a lab environment / at-line (Short Loop Sampler) / in-line process. The CantyVision™ Software accurately measures multiple aspects of the OiW from oil / solids / gas independent of each other for accurate data.  In comparison to a florescence monitor, which measures only oil and is affected by solids and gas in the stream, the CantyVision™ software can identify the differences and the customer can visually verify the readings.  The Inflow™ can calibrated with the customers current lab method to make for easy instillation in the field.  Determining PPM on the inlet and outlet of a separator will help optimize the skid. By providing droplet size the produced water skid will now know exactly how to separate the oil since the skids separation methods are mostly based on size.  Also, the chemical companies will know if the chemicals they are injecting are agglomerating the oil, instead of having to wait to see if the skid is able to lower the PPM value.  Video recording is an option for later analysis.  In-line analysis make sure production samples are not skipped over due to lack of sample time available!


Product Description

  • PPM/PPB & particle size distribution
  • Oil droplet / solids / gas detection
  • Image based – real time analysis

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