The CANTY PEELERCAM™ can be used to optimize any fruit or vegetable peeling process. Whether running a batch or continuous process, the PEELERCAM™ system can determine when the product has been suitably peeled, therefore avoiding over or under peeling, which ultimately increases product throughput while minimizing product waste.

For batch based abrasive peeling processes such as potato peeling, the PEELERCAM™ system measures the color intensity value (absolute value, 0 – 255), as well as the rate of change (RoC) of that intensity value. As the skin is removed, the intensity value changes, until eventually coming close to flat lining as all of the skin is removed. At this point, the VCM control signal to the DCS would indicate that peeling is complete, so the processed potatoes can be discharged, and the next batch can be introduced.


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