Centrifuge – Camera

  • Centrifuge Fill Control
  • Color Line Control
  • Cake Thickness


Process Cameras – Centrifuge from JM CANTY on Vimeo.


Product Description

CANTY’s dynamic imaging technology uses a combined camera & light system mounted to the top of the centrifuge, to provide a remote view of the process conditions in the control room. The system can also be used in conjunction with CANTYVISION image analysis software to provide important process measurements. In a continuous centrifuge, the system can track the position of the color line, allowing the operator to adjust the feed conditions to maintain a relatively stationary color line position and optimize washing efficiency.  In a batch centrifuge, the system can measure the product or “cake” thickness on the basket wall during filling, and determine when the product is dry enough after spinning, to move onto the next production stage without material quality / handling issues that may be caused by high moisture content.

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