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Sugar Pan – Fuseview™

The Fuseview™ eliminates the chance of glass getting into the evaporators or sugar pans by over torque of the operators.  Also, it allows for the sugar pan to pull full vacuum unlike tempered glass.

Centrifuge – Camera

  • Centrifuge Fill Control
  • Color Line Control
  • Cake Thickness



The Canty Inflow™ is an excellent tool for controlling a centrifuge to determine percent solids & turbidity of filter breakthrough in the effluent stream, where product is being washed away.  This is measured in-line in the effluent stream after the centrifuge.


CANTY provides a direct inline color & turbidity analyzer, to analyse the fluid discharged from the clarification process, in order to determine if it is within specification. Combining CANTY’s imaging, fused glass and lighting technologies, the colour of the liquid can be analysed on a number of color scales (YUV, RGB, Lab), which can be taken as a direct measurement, or related to a specific NTU or FTU turbidity value. The image analysis software has the ability to filter out any air bubbles from the analysis, meaning only a true color / turbidity measurement is performed on the fluid.