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While the basics of mass sugar refining have not changed significantly in the last 200 years, it is important to take advantage of relatively newer technology to allow the production processes to run more efficiently and produce a higher yield. CANTY’s range of dynamic imaging systems can be used to do just that, by providing unparalleled views into the process, and generating useful data that can be used for process control and optimization. Sugar production processes where this technology can be employed include clarifying, crystallization, centrifuging, and product quality control.

Areas of sugar industry in which the CANTY vision based instrumentation can be applied include clarifying, crystallization, centrifuging, solids handling and final product QC. Please click on the links in below application list for specific applications.  The CANTY range of vision based process instrumentation can be applied to a number of areas within the sugar industry, to optimize the production process, and therefore increase product yield and product quality.

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