The CANTY Inflow™ is a vision-based camera system monitoring for water in jet fuel and particles in jet fuel in a lab environment / at-line / in-line process.  The presence of these two physical contaminants is dangerous to aircraft fuel systems and engines, and compromises safety. The CantyVision™ Software accurately measures multiple aspects of the jet fuel from water / solids / gas independent of each other for accurate data.  In comparison to a laser, which measures only one dimension and can’t identify the difference of water and solids in the stream, the CantyVision™ software can identify the differences. The customer can also visually verify the readings.  Fuel contamination takes place mainly in transportation and storage.  The current method of measuring jet fuel is the subjective visual inspection test.  CANTY objectively takes the measurement and reports based on a two dimensional image.  Color / HAZE / Solids / Water are all measured and continuously and objectively monitored.  By knowing whether there is a water or solids problem this helps the operators identify how to fix the problem.  The Inflow™ is an in-line analysis system to make sure production samples are not skipped over!


• Measuring per ASTM D8049 (Report ISO4406)
• PPM/PPB of water & TSS analysis
• .7 micron measurement

2)PRESENTATION – DAYTON FUEL CONFERENCE 2020 – Using Shape Recognition Capacity of Dynamic Imaging to Achieve a More Accurate Analysis of Fluids
3) PRESENTATION – On-Line Analysis of Fuel Products
for Particulate, Color, Water and HAZE

4) PRESENTATION – Dynamic Imaging Principle
Microbial Growth Detection in Fuels

5) TEST REPORT – Jet Fuel Testing Particle Testing
6) TEST REPORT – Jet Fuel Water Slug Test

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