BIOCAM™ Sanitary Process Camera

The CANTY BioCam™ is uniquely qualified to view inside your fermentors and bioreactors and provides a continual control signal allowing the user to meter in antifoam. The BioCam™ is an Ethernet based imaging system which connects to the CANTY VCM™ image processor that determines the percentage of foam on the surface of the liquid. The foam control function allows for significant savings of antifoam, improves process performance in cell culture growth and eliminates the need for additional antifoam fluids in purification.


• Foam detection

• Level control

• Single use options

Foam Detection from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

Process Cameras – Liquid Level from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

SingleUseBag+Foam from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

Product Description

The CANTY BioCam™ is a process camera engineered and designed for sanitary applications. The BioCam™ combines the latest in LED lighting with Ethernet camera technology in a streamlined package. The camera utilizes built-in strobe LED light that has been optimized to run efficiently as to not obstruct photosensitive processes. The all in-one design is both compact and sanitary and unlike its predecessors requires no additional external power supply for operation. A built in heater eliminates condensation from forming on the glass and provides for a clear image at all times. Coupled with CantyVision™ software, the BioCam™ can be used for full control via OPC or 4-20mA.


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