Shaker Screen – Volume Flow & Fluid Front


• Volume Flow Analysis

• Fluid Front Detection

• Real-Time Viewing

Shaker Screen Analysis – Flat Tray from JM CANTY on Vimeo.

1) Presentation = Cuttings Flow Detection
3) Typical Shaker Screen Layout

  • Monitoring of the cutting flow over the shaker screens is an indicator of what is occurring in the drilling operation. Mud is recovered through the screens while cuttings flow over the end.
  • Imaging provides a robust solution for detection of the cuttings and the change in the rate of flow over time by monitoring the changing profile of the screen caused by the changing height of the cuttings as they flow over the end.
  • Vision technology has the advantage of being somewhat remote from the shaker (cleanliness) and does not require re-calibration once set in place. 

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