Product Description

The CANTY LabCam™ is uniquely qualified to view inside your glass lab fermenters and bioreactors and provides a continual control signal allowing the user to meter in antifoam. The LabCam™ is an Ethernet based imaging system which connects to the CANTY VCM™ image processor that determines the percentage of foam on the surface of the liquid. The foam control function allows for significant savings of antifoam, improves process performance in cell culture growth and eliminates the need for additional antifoam fluids in purification.

  • Non-Contact foam & level monitoring and control
  • Able to use on any size Bench-Top Bioreactor
  • Correlates to markings / ruler on side of vessel
  • Able to record continuous video feed or batches
  • Pulsed LED allows for minimal light exposure
  • Remote viewing allows for vessel to be run dark
  • Ease of use – multiple configurations and easily movable equipment


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