CANTY specializes in many FUEL applications. Some of the applications include water / solids in fuel monitoring.
Using the ASTM D8049 & D7596 methods, the CANTY Inflow™ is a vision-based camera system used with the CANTY Vector System image processor for JET FUEL concentration and size measurement in a lab environment / at-line (Short Loop Sampler) / in-line process. The CantyVision™ Software accurately measures multiple aspects of the JET FUEL from water/ solids / gas independent of each other for accurate data.
CANTY specializes in particle size analysis of sand. CANTY can detecting the size and shape of sand and correlate to sieves.
Particles in lubricating and hydraulic oils are detrimental as they increase wear, clog filters, and accelerate oil degradation. Particle analysis assesses the capability of an online filtration system to clean the oil, and determines if off-line re-circulation filtration is required to clean the fluid, or whether a complete fluid change out is necessary. A high level of wear particles within the fluid is indicative of an impending component failure. Predictive maintenance by periodic lubrication oil analysis can be used to predict and prevent such failures.

JM Canty

Canty is an outgrowth of the consulting practice of John M. Canty, P.E. in designing a very deep high pressure Diving Research Facility, capable of simulating ocean depths of over a mile, he found that no lighting components were available which would withstand the required pressure of 2500 PSI. It was, therefore, necessary to develop a light that would permit illuminating the chamber at these unusual conditions. Since this vessel (now installed in the high pressure laboratory of the University at Buffalo-Department of Physiology) was to be used for manned experiments, it was desirable to keep the electrical components outside. This is due to the potential fire hazard of electrical sparks in a confined environment.

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Include applications for Oil in Water monitoring for the petroleum industry to make sure discharges are within drinking water limits. Particle size and shape knowledge is critical in maintaining and improving these processes.
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NASA's replacement of all sight glasses in the shuttle launch pad fuel lines with Fuseview™ sight glasses. The constant leakage failure prior to Fuseview ™ sight glasses was the number one source of delays.
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